Chef Scott Morozin

Founder & Executive CHEF

At 39 years old, Scott Morozin holds a monumental presence within the food industry, even when he’s not running the pass. His culinary prowess commenced at age 24, where he attended the Culinary Institute of America, one of the most renowned cooking schools in the world. Upon graduation, culinary wonder, Steven Starr, brought Morozin to Philadelphia to work on the line of prestigious kitchen and Mediterranean masterpiece, Tangerine. There, Morozin acquired his influence of cooking in a high volume kitchen, but also found his true passion; cooking.
Mediterranean cuisine was calling, which led Morozin to another established fine dining restaurant, Espuma, where he flourished under master chef, Jay Caputo. It was at this time where he further pursued his favorite oceanic ingredients by crafting elaborate plates and further maximizing his culinary talents in such a reputable restaurant.
Chef Daniel Stern, another distinguished culinarian, recognized Morozin’s prominent inventiveness and made him Sous Chef at one of his very own exclusive restaurant’s, Gayle. Prior to the closing of the restaurant, Scott’s genius expertise in cooking gained recognition, which led to him being apart of Stern’s team in the the opening of two skyline establishments in Philadelphia, Mid-Atlantic and R2L. An opening of a new restaurant is never easy, especially for a chef, but Morozin managed to prove himself under pressured environments and created some of his greatest plates by working with different types of food. To further broaden his knowledge, Chef Morozin decided to showcase his culinary gifts by working four times as Sous Chef under Jay Caputo at critically acclaimed, James Beard House. His advanced mastery as a chef led him to other kitchens as both, Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef, featuring varied respectable cuisines. Despite working in one of the most competitive industries in the world, Morozin’s career truly blossomed as he obtained high-profile positions that were only given to the truly dedicated.
            “Cook with heart and soul and everything else will fall in place” said new restaurant owner and executive chef, Morozin. To his beliefs, being an accomplished chef is more than just being passionate and talented in this line of work. His code in the kitchen does not only entail superb cooking flair, but it embodies the need for respect, fairness, and patience, which many can not obtain. Morozin has built a credible reputation from the ground up, which any aspiring chefs can learn and hope to be apart of. Now, with a restaurant of his own, Morozin finally gets the chance to design and curate the plates he could only dream of when he worked under incredibly talented chefs as a young line cook. Verbena Byob, once La Madera Bistro located in Kennett Square, PA, offers a seasonally inspired menu while taking advantage of local farms and organic produce. The talent, passion, and originality are heavily woven inside each plate and take your tastebuds on an authentic journey to keep you coming back for more.